Crazy… or not?

It’s a rare thing… I’m alone in the office – the quiet is a little disconcerting yet thought provoking as well. I follow other peoples blogs, twitters, etc and they make me think. I want to be like that. I want to take a download from God and be able to articulate it in prose so that others can absorb it, apply it to their lives, and then walk out what God tells them.

But I don’t seem to be that type. Instead it seems that I end up spilling my guts and agonizing over my failures… being blatantly honest in front of people with all of my junk that too often I would prefer to keep hidden. Why? Is God using me as an example? If so, is it what to do/be or what NOT to do or be?
In preparing to GO next year, I’ve heard “Wow” “You’re so brave” “Aren’t you afraid?” and more. Not too different from what people were saying when I was living in Romania. What is it about living out the Great Commission on foreign soil, that make people hold me in such esteem. For me it is easier to live it out THERE versus HERE. Those brave few who truly live it out on our own hallowed ground are the ones that I look at and feel humbled.
They are the ones that get those looks. You know the ones that say “Don’t mind them, their just religious crazies” They are the ones who daily put themselves second to God, and say not my reputation God, but for Your glory. They keep eternity and Kingdom in mind, not the perishable. They inspire me to be better. To live for Jesus louder than I do.
Hats of to you my crazy friends – may I be counted in your camp one day.

What are your thoughts?

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