highways and by-ways and such…

My life feels like its so much “on the go” lately. I spent the end of last week and the weekend in Lancaster County, PA. I was there to help man the DMI booth @ the Missions Fest at Lancaster Bible College, which in itself was interesting. Our booth was between Voice of the Martyrs and Village Missions. (Both really great mission organizations, I encourage you to click the links and check them out.) So that was Friday afternoon. Then on Friday night I got to spend a lovely 1 1/2 hours (read 3 hours stuck in bumper to bumper traffic) on PA highways driving to the young adult cell in Chambersburg, PA. Overflow is a great DCFI church in that area and God is using them to expand His kingdom.

Then I got to spend Saturday @ my blessed host’s home mostly, except for a brief jaunt out over Lancaster twisty back roads to meet a friend and discuss my “next steps” in fundraising. She was so helpful!! What I thought would be an hour to share hearts and tea turned into a 3+ hour give and take. She was able to give me some references to those who had a heart for both Africa and the Omondi’s who I will be serving when I get there. It was so encouraging to remember that $2000/month is not an insurmountable obstacle to God!! Plus she just encouraged me personally when it comes to being a woman running after God’s heart in spite of what some may see as my “lack of a relationship.” I say I’m in a very deeply committed relationship with the love of my life – His name is Jesus!

So then, Sunday morning I got the chance to share a bit at Newport DOVE. God bless them, they are joining the support team on a monthly basis!! I’m jazzed every time someone says that they believe in the vision God has given me and want to support that. As Rich keeps telling me, “Projects are great, but projects don’t happen without people.” I know, Rich. I know. Now if only everyone who tells me “its so great you’re going… God bless you… Wow you’re really brave…” would actually take those sentiments and act upon them! If everyone would do a little, I’d be able to really look into dates and get ready to GO.
This weekend, I’m packing up/ getting rid of stuff and moving back to my parent’s house. They are being so generous in allowing me to impose on them rent free until I’m actually on the plane. But I’ll still be part-time at Lighthouse thru March and then on and off as they need me until I’m gone. So I’ll be seeing a lot of I-91N.

But, I know this is what God has called me to for this time in my life, so I’ll choose to be content and seek Him above all. At the very least I guess it’ll give me some great prayer time!

Oh, and if you’re a pastor type or have a venue where you’d give me a chance to share, shoot me an email!

What are your thoughts?

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