From Wal-Mart to Nakumatt

My life has just changed again – I’ve spent 15 hours in airplanes, 7 hours in airports, 3 hours in queues, 30 minutes in a car, crossed 7 time zones, and have arrived with Springtime in Nairobi, Kenya. And I’m really tired – jet lag will do that to you.

But one thing hasn’t changed – I’m still making lists of things I have to get at the store. Thursday morning I ran to Wal-Mart on my way to the airport to get a new toothbrush, Saturday morning I went to Nakumatt to get shampoo, conditioner, and coffee for my french press.

So life is different yet the same. I’m sleeping under a mosquito net & brushing my teeth with bottled water & driving on the left side of the road, but I’m still making lists and worshipping Jesus.

Welcome to the new normal… whatever that is

3 responses to “From Wal-Mart to Nakumatt

  1. Loving the blog – great to be able to still be involved in your life daily – love to you and big hugs and kisses from all the girls here ; rich and Zacky too! xo

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