of walks, hills, and sunshine…

Everyone is asking for pictures of my life in Nairobi, so I took a few during my walk today. I went for a walk because Ibrahim prompted me this morning about getting out and enjoying the sunshine. I’d spent most of the morning working in the main house because I’d needed to talk some things over with Diane. And seeing as there aren’t any outlets (or tables for that matter) I don’t think I’ll be working outside too much. Thus, the walk.
I didn’t go very far, just to the local corner market, mostly because 1. I’m afraid of getting lost, and 2. I’m not very acclimated to the elevation yet (5,000 ft is pretty high up for a coastal girl like me).

My first realization? Oops, I forgot to put on sunblock and its 2:00 in the afternoon. I live near the equator now. I am most probably going to regret that unfortunate memory lapse.

Our street – Lamwia Rd. – just outside the gate. Yup I have to go down & up the hill to the left if I want to get anywhere.

And this is a GIANT agave plant that I saw as I was walking up Twiga (Giraffe) Hill Rd. If I’d had my tripod w/ me I might have tried to get one of me in front for scale. Trust me, its taller than I am.

And around the corner from the agave plant I found a cactus in bloom, I think it might be prickly pear, but don’t quote me on it.

This hill seems much steeper on the way back than it did going to the store. And it continues up beyond where you can see. We live at the very top of the hill, just before it starts to go down again… I really need to learn how to drive…

So this is the last picture I took before I walked in the gate & into the guest house to collapse & write this post. Its the jacaranda tree at the neighbor’s. They’re in bloom all over & have a really nice spicy scent in the evening.

One response to “of walks, hills, and sunshine…

  1. What a lovely walk! And you're getting lots of exercise too, i see. ;)Thanks for taking the pictures and posting them. It's so beautiful to see. I really hope you'll keep us updated with what you're up to.

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