Today I’ve been out & about with Diane. Currently as I type this, we’re both sitting in the car working on our laptops while we wait for her daughter Debbi to finish track practice after school. This is my first day really “out” from the compound since the weekend. It was interesting on the drive here to go through part of “Embassy Row.” We passed the embassies for the USA, Iraq, Romania, Morocco, & the Congo. We also passed the UN headquarters. Maybe on the way back I can grab a pic & add it to the post later…

Debbi is fortunate enough to attend a Christian “American” style school. What does that mean you ask? Let me ‘splainify. Here in Kenya there are several “streams” for schooling – Kenyan, British, & American. I’m not sure exactly how the Kenyan system works, but I do know that the little ones start school as early as 2 1/2 or 3. The British & American models both follow the basic types of schooling available in the home country. Thus an American model school is in session from September to June like the schools at home, even though it means the kids are in school through the “summer” months.
That’s another thing. Because of the proximity to the equator, there aren’t really seasons here – well unless you count rainy or dry as seasons. Per Diane, this time of year is usually known for the “short rains” and the rainy season is in March/April. Yesterday was a “hot” day and it may have been about 85 degrees or so. So not too bad, especially with the absence of the humidity. Yes it was hot, but if you were in the shade it was manageable.
So, there you go. More insight into my life in Kenya, whether you want to know about it or not.

One response to “Freedom!!!

  1. Hi Kerri, Just wanted to let you know that I've been enjoying your blog and it is interesting to read about your transition, and helps me personally feel even more connected to some of my Dove family. Praying for God to pour out His blessing on you as you transition! Jessi Clemmer

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