Friday Follies…

So here’s what happened today…
I got up & did my reading for #B90x – reading the bible in 90 days. It’s not easy, it takes dedication, but wow. I’m reading stuff I totally forgot was in there. This pic is from later in the morning, that’s why you don’t see the french press (an integral part of the morning routine). This is also one of the places I use as an “office”…

This is my other “office.” Its also the living room & where I read in the evenings with my mug of drinking chocolate (similar to cocoa, but not exactly)…And here’s my room. I finally got to arranging it & putting on my Ikea sheets & duvet (w/o the insert). And that happened because after breakfast I did laundry. And not just my clothes, today I learned how to wash sheets today. Whew… that is not an easy task & my raw knuckles bear the evidence.
Oooo, this was lunch the other day. Rice, fried cabbage & ndengu. I’m not sure of the origin, but its made w/ “green grams” and they kind of look like small oval peas. VERY YUMMY! I’m spoiled here.My last adventure of the day was going to Nakumatt for a few things… and how did I get there? I DROVE!! (and nobody was harmed in the process) Here’s the proof:

I took this pic as I was parked @ the butchery waiting for Diane. I don’t take pics & drive, especially when its my first time w/ right hand driving (really what were you thinking?!)

What are your thoughts?

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