An adventure… sort of

So today because it was warmer outside than in, I decided I’d move my “office” from the dining table/coffee table inside to the picnic table outside. I loaded up my laptop, french press, coffee mug, warm milk, and papers of notes and out I went. It was lovely… this was my view…

The wind was a little contrary and tried to blow my papers all over, but I solved the problem w/ my coffee mug & cell phone.
But that wasn’t my adventure. No that happened this evening in the parking lot of the Karen Crossroads Nakumatt (there’s several throughout the city). Diane & Debbi had arrived to fetch me, but Debbi needed something so whilst (can you tell the Brit English is rubbing off) they ran in, I took the keys so I could put my stuff in the Land Rover.
As I was about to take a pic of the lovely full moon and clouds, a security guard came over and this was our conversation:
“Do you belong to this car?”
I answered in the affirmative, and opened the car w/ the keys to prove it.
“Doesn’t this car belong to Mrs. Pastor?”
“Yes, I work for Mrs. Pastor” as I put the bags in the car hoping he would take the hint and go away.
“I know Mrs. Pastor. I used to go to Dove church, but now there is the new church in the tents. Do you know it? It is closer, so I go there now.”
I nod & keep putting bags in the car, mentally cringing & hoping he’ll just go away if I don’t continue the conversation.
“Is Pastor Omondi around? I know he travels.”
“Yes he is.”
“I saw Mrs. Pastor drop you off & leave. Is she here now?”
“Yes” (if you saw me why are you questioning me??? I think)
“How long you been with them? Do you fellowship at Dove church?”
“I’ve been here two weeks, yes I attend Dove.”
“Good, its a good church. I don’t think they remember me, was a long time ago. You understand Swahili, you speak it? You in Kenya now, you need have Mrs. Pastor teach you Kiswahili.”
“I’ll be taking lessons. Thank you, Asante.” I say as I take the cart and start to head back to the store & the rescuing presence of other people & light…
“Oh, you go back now?”
“Yes, thank you. Goodbye…”
So that was my adventure in the dark parking lot with a security guard that used to attend Dove. And it reminded me that I’m CONSTANTLY being watched. Good thing to remember as we’re all “living epistles” of the Word.

What are your thoughts?

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