hectic but good

Last week, there weren’t a lot of posts. Why? Because my life is not all that interesting. Really. I get up, do my daily B90x reading & have breakfast, then I get dressed and go back to the laptop broken up by the occasional trip to Nakumatt or the kitchen. See, VERY boring… so I don’t feel like there is anything to post.

But today made up for it. I got up, normal routine, and because its Monday that means leaving by 8:45 for staff meeting @ the DOVE office. When I got home, the first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was the smell of BLEACH! This is what I saw when I walked around the corner from the lounge (living room for the Americans) into the kitchen:

Yup, Irene & Mercy had emptied every cabinet & were scrubbing everything down with bleach water. What prompted this you may ask? Me. Yup, yours truly. See last week I casually mentioned to Diane that I’d seen some cockroaches when I went in at night to make my tea before bed, & that the kitchen could really use some organization. I didn’t know we had measuring cups until Mercy found one for me while I was making some soup (how else could I figure out how much 850ml of water means in english?) So, she said something to the girls & boy howdy did they get busy.

Now, this means that tomorrow afternoon, Mercy & I get to go into the kitchen & put it all away in a lovely organized fashion. Makes my heart happy… I’m sure this doesn’t take my mom by surprise at all because I tend to do this to her kitchen whenever I return after a prolonged absence. (especially corralling the plastic lids & containers, they breed like bunnies!)
BUT that is not the end of my day. Nope, Diane came over a little after 4 and asked if I would go w/ Bouvince to the FOREX office & cash a check and run a few other errands. As a bonus I got to drive! (well at least while it was daylight – no one likes to drive after dark!) So we went to Karen & the FOREX office, then back toward the house to the feed store (gotta fatten up the chickens!), and then back toward town & the Junction shopping mall/plaza to meet Debbi’s bus. Just to make life interesting, that meant driving through a 4-way intersection that doesn’t line up 3 times. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a cow in the middle of the road. Ahh, life in Kenya.
However, there was a VERY big upside to waiting for Debbi at Junction. That is where JAVA HOUSE is. JH is a very western style coffee house/restaurant. That means I was able to get a large iced vanilla latte & a fruit salad. SO yummy… Take a look for yourself:
So, all in all a good day. Tomorrow looks promising too.

One response to “hectic but good

  1. Sounds like an exciting day!I'm very curious, though, to hear….what you're doing in Kenya! 😉 I have no idea (except i think it's missions oriented) how you got there, why you're there, what your function is, how long you're staying, or any of that stuff.Would you care to share in some blog posts on boring days?

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