Giving Thanks…

For the last 24 days a few friends of mine on Facebook have been counting down the days until Thanksgiving. However, it’s not just been counting the numbers. They’ve taken a letter from the alphabet each day and listed what they’re thankful for that starts with that letter for the day. I’ve been inspired, and so, a couple of days early here are some of the things I’m thankful for this year:

A – the amazing grace of God that leaves me in awe of who He is and how He views me

B – being still, taking the time to breathe in and see where I fit into God’s plan

C – companions that walk through life with me, they have been there through all of the messes and the celebrations. You all know who you are…

D – deadlines and due dates – they keep me organized and focused

E – eternity, God has placed a sense of it in each of us and I am left in wonder

F – family – we may be a bubble of center but I wouldn’t trade them for anything

G – giraffes! I love these gentle creatures that leave my heart in wonderment of our Creator

H – househelp 🙂 I don’t know how I’d make it here without the wonderful people I work, live and interact with each day

I – I AM, God is everything that I need, want, or desire. He is whatever my heart cry is at the moment

J – justice, I’m learning that loving God means desiring His Kingdom on earth & doing what I can to see that Kingdom be established. I want to see Kingdom justice for those that live without it daily – the orphan, the widow, the unborn

K – the kindness of the Lord that draws us to Himself and into a lifestyle of repentance. Leaving behind the things that trip us up and running into His arms

L – life and learning to enjoy it to the fullest

M – mentors and people who love me enough to speak into me so that God can accomplish His will and purpose for my life

N – notes of encouragement that show up in my inbox

O – opportunities – to travel, to share my life, to learn, God has definitely kept my life from being boring

P – partnership with God – I don’t have to do anything alone. God chooses to allow me to walk with Him each day and partner with Him and other believers to see the Kingdom of Heaven become reality on Earth

R – restoration, God has reached out and touched deep places in me that I didn’t even realize were broken and has redeemed and restored them

S – swahili, another language to learn and be able to praise God in

T – travel, to have the chance to see God’s creation and get a broader perspective of Him and the people He loves

U – being uncomfortable, it is these times that keep me growing and seeking God

V – variety and change, they keep life interesting

W – writers & authors; of books, blogs & blarney. Thank you for keeping me entertained & encouraged, challenged & cackling.

X – xoxoxo the only way I can get hugs and kisses these days from family and friends in North America. Its the little things…

Y – Yesu – He has made all the difference in my life.

Z – zain – their phone service keeps me in touch with home (at a decent price!)

What are your thoughts?

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