Upside to Downsizing

Good thing its warm here in Nairobi, not to rub it in to all of you that are snowed/iced in, but I’m probably going to have to spend a week or so in skirts or dresses. Why? Because the upside to living in Africa is the downsizing of my waist. As Diane mentioned the other day as I walked into her house – “You keep shrinking!”

But the wonderful thing is that here, I can go to a tailor fundi and get my pants “reduced” for about a dollar or so a pair. Yay – another upside! I’ve now been to two fundis for different things – a dress at one, and a blouse at another. Not sure if I’ll go to either of those (the 1st is in a sketchy area where I shouldn’t go on my own, & the second though close, didn’t do what I wanted on the blouse & charged too much). I have a friend who’s had success at a fundi near the church property, so I think I’ll try him this time. Worst part about the fundi – getting measured – but I guess its not too bad when the measurements keep getting smaller!

So, not that I’m looking that much different (only about a size or two) but a definite ego-booster!

FYI – I’m going to be in the USA from Mar 17 to April 12 and have openings to share in the Lancaster, PA area on Sunday Mar 27 and in the W Mass, Southern CT area on April 3. Email me if you’re interested!

What are your thoughts?

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