breaking the dry spell

Well there you go, I’ve gone and done the unthinkable, I’ve updated the ol’ blog. I start the year with all kinds of good intentions to write interesting and humor-filled stories about life here, and deep introspective posts on what God is doing in me, and then I go travel for five weeks, and bam… Six months later I get back to the blog. Sorry folks.

So its June in Kenya, and for those of us living here, its chilly. Sun starts setting about 6:30, its dark by 7 and sometime overnight the clouds come in. Then they hang around til about noon, so we don’t get warmed up til about 1, and then that sun is disappearing by 6:30 again… So our temps stay between 15 and 18 C. (get a converter you Fahrenheit types, its good for you). Thus I’m breaking out the long-sleeve T’s and sweaters. No complaining here, just stating fact.

Now… writer’s block… what to write… don’t want to sound lame… Ugh I hate this feeling…

Guess that’s it for an update post. Hopefully inspiration or something like it will hit soon and I will give you the proper blog-posting you deserve, but I had to break the nothing-streak with something…

Patience people – it builds character.

What are your thoughts?

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