Home for the holidays – or being grateful for highspeed internet

So I’m in the US ‘til sometime in January. And yes, praise the interwebs, there is high-speed internet everywhere, well except in the car. Though if you include web on the phone, its even there. Yet I have not been blogging… why? Well as my social media guru friends have told me, sometimes you just have to really participate in life, not just report on it. So there you have it – I have been participating in life.

There’s been flights from Nairobi to New York and meeting new friends from Australia along the way. Surprise attendance at Lighthouse my first Saturday back, and enjoying everyone doing double-takes at my appearance. A road-trip to see family for Thanksgiving with lots of hugs, great conversations, and too much food.

And now I find myself sitting in a coffee shop in Lancaster, PA. After meetings at the office, I have free time to sit and ponder why I’m here at this time. I didn’t expect to be here now, my plans had me in Nairobi until March. Yet circumstances conspired to bring me home early. A big reason is fundraising.

Its time to think outside of the box… if traditional missionary fund-raising isn’t working, what will? How do I make up the deficit of $700 per month? I don’t know – feel free to message me with ideas if you’ve got ‘em. Living internationally presents some interesting challenges that I wouldn’t have in the USA. I can’t just go out and get a job at McD’s in Nairobi (there is no McD in Nairobi) or at the local grocery store, or temp in an office at last minute notice.

So I’m here in the US without a return ticket to Nairobi, yet that’s what I want to do more than anything. Go back to my friends, church, community and job in sunny warm Nairobi. To be able to tweet about visiting slums, distributing food to famine victims, and helping people start small business to change their communities.

Feel free to hit the “donate” button over on the right if you want to be part of the process or click on the about page for more details on how to partner.

What are your thoughts?

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