A preponderance of thoughts…

A busy mind is a terrible thing to waste.mind maze

Ever have those days where your head is so full of various thoughts, words, emotions, that you just don’t know where to start to put it down… Just as you think you have a clear direction on one topic, something else grabs your ears, and yells “Pay attention to me!!” So off you go – putting oil on the proverbial squeaky wheel, until you lost the immediacy and original passion for the first idea, but not entirely, so it sits there, percolating, simmering until a new perspective on that idea bursts and drags your mind to muddle that through.

There and back again… 

Back and forth, hither and thither, up and down – my imagination has wandered to the reformation, before creation, and into the light of eternity this week. From Germany, Narnia, New York, Jerusalem and the golden streets of the heavenly realms. Theology, dogma, the doctrines of sacrificial love, preparing for coming crises, the acceleration of change in our culture…

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Thoughts can be so elusive sometimes.  Is it possible to pull the ephemeral from the air and make it something physical, the solidity of black and white words?  If the possibility exists, tell me, will someone else understand it?  For what good is it to put the thoughts out there, to tell the message, if no one can comprehend what is being said?

In the stillness… 

In quiet and tranquility , if we wait long enough, and ponder a thought sufficiently, it will eventually settle. It will solidify, and clarify.  Thoughts must be sifted out of fiction, filtered through experience, and tried by the fire of truth before being declared in the public forums. Once processed, a true thought will come out, understood by the soul, heart, and mind, transparent not only to oneself but also by the audience.


So, I will continue to wrestle my focus between a variety of thoughts, ideas and concepts – noodle them through, and once I understand my perspective on the ideas, I will share them – or not, if they should happen to fail the tests of truth and time.

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