The story wouldn’t be the same without you…

Your story – my story, all are equally important. We were made for community – to be contributing authors in the stories of others. How you choose the actions that write your story through your experiences will influence and affect the storyline of others.

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I woke up to the sweetest compliment I’ve ever received over at Jottings and Writings. I am humbled by Tena’s words and her trust in me with her life-story, yet there was something in her expression that struck a deep chord and had me thinking. She says,

“Well, if I had a biography worth writing…”

Hear me well, dear friends:

Never underestimate the value of your story.

Everyone’s biography is worth writing. You are the only one whose lived your life– faced the trials, celebrated the joys, and gained the unique wisdom you embody from the journey. I think the most valuable thing we have to offer to each other is our story.

From our past experiences we gain the wisdom and perspective that fuels how we interact with life in the present, which sparks how things play out in the future.

I recently had a  discussion with Marshall…

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One response to “The story wouldn’t be the same without you…

  1. A good word indeed. This meshes with words from a song I learned years ago … “God likes people, any shape, any color, any size …”. We have to remember that liking/loving people also involves healthy confrontation. When my father (a pastor for over 50 yrs) was dying he left me with his most powerful (and shortest) sermon ever – “Troyce, the only thing you can take to heaven with you is people” – which, I believe gives even more weight to this subject … even eternity is at stake.

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