A Monkey’s Meditation

I’ve been staying with relatives the last three weeks as I help sort through my grandmother’s remaining possessions that were in storage whilst she was in the nursing home after her stroke.  By times its been just sorting & tossing, while other times tears have coursed down my cheeks as I dawdle down memory lane and wish I could have more time.

Most of the things that have triggered weepy moments, have been things that she wrote or cut out of a magazine, or something we read together – words.  Words are powerful, they are able to go around the world and convey images and experiences so that we can all share them.

Here’s one poem that she saved in a bible, that made me laugh, and think – all at the same time.


A Monkey’s Meditationmonkey not listening

A monkey musing in his cage

Upon the progress of the age,

Half-whispered as I happened by,

“This evolution is a lie.”


Surprised to hear him speak so plain.

I paused profounder truths to gain.

Unconscious I was there to heed,

He thus continues with his creed:


“For mortal man to try to trace

Descent from our illustrious race

Is rank injustice to our clan,

The monkey much surpasses man.


“In bloody wars, men butcher men;

They slander both with tongue and pen.

They cheat, they lie, they swear, they steal;

And wild with wine, they rock and reel.


“They trample justice in the dust;

They loll in luxury and lust.

Their men, their women  young and old.

They sell their very lives for gold,


“They laugh at law, they twist their truth,

They crucify the dreams of youth.

Their hearts are hard as solid stone,

They worship God with lips alone.


“Man thus has left a trail of crime,

Too foul to sanctify with time.

The record of the human race

Brings flaming blushes to my face.


“The monkey leads the simple life,

Is loyal to his wedded wife.

No lady monkey yet, of course,

Has ever sought or won divorce!


“The monkey home is still serene,

The father, king; the mother, queen.

The little monkeys, too, obey

Their parents in the good old way


“We have no haunts of sin and shame.

No racketeers our ranks defame.

Our record stands an open book

At which the world has leave to look.


“No self-respecting monkey can

Admit himself akin to man.

According to the Word from on High

This evolution is a lie.”

~ D.E. Guyton


From a tract published by Osterhus Pub. House

4500 W. Broadway

Minneapolis, MN

The Quotables

and I quoteAs I said last week, I’m very much influenced by words.  So I thought this week, I’d share a few wise words that have impacted me at different times in my life.  Rather than tell you what they meant to me, I want you to read them , ponder them, allow them to roll around in your brain until they mean something to you. (Where possible I’ve given at least a digital source”

“I just want to be a nobody that tells everybody that there is somebody who can save anybody” ~ Melvin Graham (Billy Graham’s brother) via @TellaGraham

“I am immortal until God’s work for me to do is done. The Lord reigns.” ~ Henry Martin   Via Perry Noble

“Every happening – great and small – is a parable whereby God speaks to us and the art of life is to get the message.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge

quote bubble

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” – George Iles

“But the whole time we’re knocking ourselves out finishing everything on our religious to-do list, God sits back and weeps because we’re so intent upon doing “godly” things instead of becoming “godly” people.” ~ George Barna via “Maximum Faith”

“God did not create you to frustrate you” ~ Susan Odero

“Never let your awareness of the world be greater than your knowledge of the Kingdom of God” ~ Justin Kendrick

“If you want to cross the ocean, you have to be willing to lose sight of the shore” attributed to Christopher Columbus

“It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference.” ~ Wangari Maathai

“With great power, comes great responsibility” Uncle Ben Parker – SpiderMan

Do you have a personal mantra? A quote that has spurred you on?  Please share in the comments 🙂